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la verdad me trae mucha nostalgia ,recuerdos de mi niñes alegria saber que existe en ineclnet,ferieitacionts a aquellos que colocan este tipo de programas o dibujos animados de aquellas epocas inolvidables quisiera obtener de ser posible los capitulos con la traduccion en español .


K: Tack du. Jag satt ju i hallen och skrev som jag såg det. Jag vet inte hur de har resonerat riktigt men det är väl så att man ser olika på sackT.raek för att du läser också :D


YouTube is promoting full length shows in countries where these shows are not available. This seems very unraefossionpl. IP locators canund#180-t be too hard to make can it? thatund#180-s programming 101...


Are you also of the mind that women should not be allowed to get a formal education at e.g. a university in fields such as physics, civil engineering, and mathematics?No. I did so myself:MIT 1973, SB undamp- SM in Mechanical Enntleerigg,Beniney 2005, MS in Human FactorsI am not, BTW, saying womenund#8217-s suffrage is evil. I am saying it is not the only way a just society can function.

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